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Get To Know…The IRPM

Get To Know…The IRPM

Like any occupation, the world of property management has a variety of qualifications for professionals to get their teeth into. However, it’s not always easy to know where to start and each awarding body and qualification is slightly different. This can seem a bit overwhelming so over the next few months, we’re going to explore some of the different qualifications out there, including a deep dive into each of the institutions offering them and where they specialize. To kick off, we’ll be taking a look at the IRPM, so grab a notepad and a cup of something caffeinated and let’s take a look.

What is the IRPM? IRPM stands for the Institute of Residential Property Management. When it comes to block management they are the first choice, being the professional body for residential property management specialists. They are a membership organization that support professionals in a number of ways, offering qualifications, career guidance and resources. IRPM sets the standard for the sector and is a well-respected knowledge hub and voice within the industry. This is reinforced by their insights into the field, with forums and surveys of members allowing them to keep their finger on the pulse, such as their annual Wellbeing survey conducted with the Association of Residential Managing Agents (1). A number of events are held by the IRPM every year, with its flagship Annual Seminar set to take place on 11th May in 2023. Here, industry experts will discuss what’s happening within the industry at an event regularly attended by over 700 members.

How to become a member

There are a number of different levels of membership available and all are subscription based. There are detailed terms and conditions for membership, easily available on the IRPM website.

The first level of membership, Affiliate membership, requires no examinations or qualifications, aside from a proven 15 hours of Continued Professional Development (CPD) a year. The institute offers over 1,000 courses, free to members, which can be used to meet these requirements. Associate membership, the next level of membership, is achieved by passing both the level 2 and level 3 IRPM courses and exams. It is possible to receive associate membership using equivalent higher learning certificates or qualifications, with each case assessed individually and awarded at the discretion of the institute. Those who have achieved associate member status use the letters AIRPM. Member status, denoted by the letters MIRPM, is awarded to those who have passed the level 2, 3 and 4 qualifications. Similarly to the associate membership, other eligibility criteria will be individually assessed.

There is a final level of membership, which is a discretionary status, awarded by the IRPM’s board of directors, called a Fellow (FIRPM). This is based on the individual making an outstanding contribution to the sector, normally having worked in the industry for ten or more years and had significant impact, undertaken research or made other such contributions.

The IRPM also offers apprenticeships, after which trainees can apply for membership.

Why is it useful to join the IRPM?

Whilst of course the institute offers a range of benefits which we will explore further, it is hard to overstate the benefit of having an IRPM qualifications on a CV. Anyone looking for a role in property management, especially of a more senior level, will either require or can benefit from membership. It is well regarded by employers, demonstrating both commitment and competence.

Further benefits which membership offers include:

● Independent accreditation

● Events, offering insights and networking opportunities

● Career development and CPD

● Access to news and updates

● Members area

● Resources to help with day-to-day roles

● Ability to instruct a Barrister (MIRPM and FIRPM only)

Overall, the IRPM serves an important role in the residential property management sector, not only of professionalizing the industry and maintaining the standard, but also of looking out for and representing professionals within it. Many of the property management jobs which we recruit for look for IRPM qualification and with memberships starting at only £102 a year, it really does seem like a no brainer to get registered. If you have any questions about the IRPM, qualifications, or the kind of roles which will require membership, get in touch today.

(1) In March 2022, IRPM and ARMA merged to form ‘The Property Institute’.

Jackson Sims Recruitment is a property recruitment company operating in the UK and APAC region. Should you be a candidate or client working in property management we have a multitude of recruitment services that can be tailored to you. Please visit for more information.

[1] In March 2022, IRPM and ARMA merged to form ‘The Property Institute’.

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