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How Property Management Teams Mirror The F1 / ‘Read This - We’re Off To Silverstone’

As ever, we’re looking to the world outside the boardroom for blog topics and there’s certainly plenty going on. Hardest to ignore is the political furore but we’re giving you a break from the coverage because, frankly, some of our team are going to the F1 and we want to talk about it. Lean into the silliness and let us tell you why an F1 team is the perfect template for any team. So what kind of characters should you be hiring? We do a property management comparison!

The Driver

Here we have the frontman - the rise to the challenge, cool (or not) under pressure, the face of the operation. This is your concierge. Takes the glory, the heat and everything in between. So what Hamilton-esque characteristics are appropriately transferable? Looking the part is never a bad thing. They should be sharply dressed, likeable, strategically minded and ideally, media trained. We all know that there is a team of people behind them, but on the day and in the moment of action, your concierge/driver is where the buck stops.


The frantically kicking feet below the water, mechanics are the lifeblood of the team. Each one brings their own set of skills and talents and contributes them to a wider effort, things just wouldn’t work without them. We see these guys mirrored in the gardeners, engineers, cleaners and tradesmen of the property world and they are the people who you don’t necessarily know the name of but who can quite literally make or break the whole operation. You need team members with a solid work ethic, a commitment to excellence and a genuine pride in what they do.

The Principal

An interesting role in so far as a real range of personalities can make their way to the top. Just like the Property Managers of our world. They can be sleek (think Toto) strategic (think Christian) or silly yet solid (in the style of Ferrari’s Frederic). These guys need to know what the big boss at the top wants and be willing to make the smart and sometimes tough decisions to get it done. Needle-sharp, fantastic people managers and multi-taskers, your Property Manager principal plays a vital role in keeping everything running smoothly.


Well, owners are owners in any walk of life, but the similarities between F1 team owners and property owners are fairly clear. They both have a physical asset, the success or failure of which can be dictated often by the team of people that they hire to manage it. The smartest thing that either of these owners can do is hire brilliant people so that they can relax and admire their assets from a distance. There is one notable difference - a property owner can sleep soundly in their beds knowing that the chances of their asset being slammed into a barrier or crashed into by an F1 car are very, VERY slim.

So there you have it - a whole blog written with the premise of a lesson but which, realistically, is just a shameless brag that the Jackson Sims team is hitting Silverstone. Aside from our HILARIOUS writing and tenuous linkages, we do have a very good nose for finding the right people for any property job and we’re happy to help you build your ‘top of the table’ team. Drop us a line.

Jackson Sims Recruitment is a property recruitment company operating in the UK and APAC region. Should you be a candidate or client working in property management we have a multitude of recruitment services that can be tailored to you. Please visit for more information.


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