Ethical Recruiting

Ethical Recruiting : What It Is and How You Can Practice It The recruitment industry has a reputation for many things and being ethically sound is not necessarily high on the list. At Jackson Sims, we have found that recruiting ethically ourselves and working with ethical recruiters produces the best results. By working within a culture of transparency and integrity, this is what we attract. But what exactly does ethical recruitment involve? What is Ethical Recruiting? Ethica

How Sponsoring a Women’s Football Team Helps Inspire Our Work

The old adage ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’ may be cheesy these days, but it’s certainly still relevant. Our Jackson Sim’s teamwork inspiration comes from a source you may not expect: Actonian’s women’s football club. We have proudly sponsored the club since 2018 and a symbiotic relationship has subsequently developed. We financially support the club, giving back to the local community and the team's wonderful efforts offer us motivation and inspiration. Across the majority

Why we sing about the Unsung Heroes

If you follow the work of Jackson Sims, you may have heard of the Unsung Heroes award. This was an award which we introduced during the pandemic, in order to bring some good news and cheer to a year which was otherwise a little bleak. We wanted to shine a light on those going above and beyond to make the lives of leaseholders easier. Despite the fact that the impact of the pandemic has lessened, the award remains popular. There are still outstanding individuals working in the

How not to get fired! 5 lessons from The Apprentice

Ultimate recruitment process, The Apprentice is back on our screens this month. For those who don’t know the show, British Business magnate Lord Alan Sugar puts a group of candidates through a series of tests in an effort to find the best hire for a business partner role. At this point, the show is infamous for the gaggle of astonishing characters we see on our screens, often absolute caricatures of bad candidates. But starting with a viewership of 2.60 million in its first 2

Female Representation in Recruitment

Female Representation in Recruitment You could be forgiven for assuming that when you call a recruitment agency, it will be a man who helps you to land your new role. It is hard to deny the historic reputation of the industry as a ‘boys club’ and previously this reputation was founded. A 2015 study by the Westminster Business school revealed that 73% of women in recruitment had no female role model in the workplace and 41% felt that the ‘old boys ethos’ still existed. We’re d

For those considering a role within property

Job roles in the property industry are often underestimated to those that are not in the know. Many would assume that a ‘job in property’ refers to an estate agent or something relating to construction. But in reality, the roles in this industry are varied and extensive. It is a dynamic and interesting space, which offers something for everyone. So what kind of jobs are available to those looking to working in the property industry? And what do they entail? Property managemen

Candidate Focus: How do property management interviews differ from interviews in other sectors?

The headache of job hunting Applying for jobs is a brutal process. The internet is filled with horror stories of how cutthroat the market is; saturated with well-qualified applicants and indifferent employers. Candidates sat at home, sending out hundreds of hopeful applications, with not a word back. An endless storm of CVs, Cover Letters, and then repeatedly entering the same tedious information into online forms, again and again and again. It isn’t just disheartening, it’s

Property Management Software – Why you need it, now.

Making an Ex of Excel You have to feel sorry for the engineers behind Microsoft Excel. Who knows how many months were spent in development hell, incorporating an incredible number of highly sophisticated statistical functions and trying to make the process of data analysis as straightforward as possible. And what do we all do with it? Pretty much anything we can think of that isn’t data analysis. More often than not, it simply becomes a notebook of tasks or a list of items –

New Year Optimism

2021 was a beacon of light to us all in a year of real darkness. There was a collective feeling that if we could we just get through 2020, everything would be OK. The problem is, 2021 is here, and we’ve found that really, it’s all just more of the same. Of course, the nation knew that there was never going to be some magical reset button that was pressed on midnight of New Year, but it helped to have a mantra of hope that circulated in the back of our minds. And on top of tha

Christmas Blog 🎄

‘Tis the season to step up your property management game. The ethos we push at Jackson Sims is the idea of recruiting team members who go above and beyond in their positions. And there can’t be any time in the year where it is more important and meaningful to go above and beyond for people. (For that matter, there can’t be many more years where it’s more important to go above and beyond, either…). So with that in mind, we’ve come up with six ways that property managers can br

The Impact of Covid on Property Trends

The Impact of Covid on Property Trends Are you bored of Covid related articles yet? We certainly are. But there’s a real paradox when it comes to them; tired as we are of reading about Covid, we’ve all got an immense appetite for reading about it. And that’s hardly surprising: if there’s one thing we’re desperate for, it’s information, sense of certainty, an ability to plan based on concrete knowledge. Well, unfortunately, at Jackson Sims, we don’t exactly have a crystal ball

Time for a song and dance in honour of our unsung heroes

The Human Dimension When we explain to people that Jackson Sims are leaders in the field of property management recruitment, then it tends to be the ‘property’ element that sticks in the mind most. It has the ability to conjure up a slick, modern operation, dedicated to the mechanics of making stylish apartments and sleek office blocks run seamlessly. Certainly, there is an element of slick in what we do. We know property inside out; how it works, and what it needs to succeed

The world of property awaits you…

The world of property – broadly defined – offers almost endless potential in terms of job roles; there are about as many employment titles as there are types of building, and in the same way that there’s a living space out there to suit every character, so too is there a job role for every personality. And this is important, because the employment world is changing – nowhere more-so than in the field of property. Where once salary and job security were key concerns of employe