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Why we sing about the Unsung Heroes

If you follow the work of Jackson Sims, you may have heard of the Unsung Heroes award. This was an award which we introduced during the pandemic, in order to bring some good news and cheer to a year which was otherwise a little bleak. We wanted to shine a light on those going above and beyond to make the lives of leaseholders easier. Despite the fact that the impact of the pandemic has lessened, the award remains popular. There are still outstanding individuals working in the property sector, who deserve recognition. But why is it important to recognise the handwork of employees?

Motivation is essential, not only to productivity, but also to the happiness and satisfaction of employees. Research undertaken in 2021 found that 62% of employees say that they feel a decline in mood when they are unmotivated and almost half reported a reduction in their productivity levels. With many businesses focussing on performance and process, it is easy to forget these softer and more human impacts on productivity levels. For those employees who go the extra mile, this acknowledgement is vital, not only to motivate continued hard work but to demonstrate their employer's respect for their efforts.

At Jackson Sims, we are in the business of finding the right talent, for the right role. But once these matches have been made, it is in everyone’s best interest for employees to be retained. Employees can take between 3 to 6 months to begin to feel comfortable in a new workplace, meaning that they can take up to a year to start truly performing to their potential. Therefore, keeping the same individual in a role can only be beneficial, as longer time in position allows them to continue to build knowledge and competence. Similarly, the costs involved in the hiring process are only worthwhile when truly necessary. According to research in 2021, almost half of employees agreed that they would leave a company where they did not feel appropriately recognised, praised or thanked, for the work they did. The risks of not paying attention to employee motivation are high.

Mental health is also a prominent issue in 2022. Companies have some level of responsibility to ensure that those within their employment are cared for mentally, especially when five out of 7 days a week are spent in the workplace. The same 2021 research found that 62% of those surveyed felt a decline in mood when unmotivated and 48% felt that it negatively impacted their mental health. With rates of time off for mental health reasons increasing, it can only be beneficial for managers to ensure that their workforce is happy, mentally healthy and enthused.

So aside from nominating them for the Unsung Heroes, how else can you motivate employees?

  • Introduce perks to office life Whether it’s providing food or treats, team social events or even trips, making the office a happy and friendly place to be is great for giving staff a boost.

  • Regularly communicate successes As a manager, it is important to keep in contact with staff to keep them looped in but also to ensure that they hear they are doing a great job and it is recognised. Managers should ensure that appropriate time and thought are given to this in regular meetings or one to ones.

  • Ensure room for career progression This is quite a simple appeal to the human desire to develop and grow. The knowledge that there is potential for more responsibility and a higher salary is a great motivator.

  • Provide CPD opportunities Similarly to the previous point, the desire to develop and grow is inherent. Knowing that an employer will give back to their employees and invest in them is a great way to inspire loyalty and hard work.

  • Provide rewards system This can look different in different settings. For some roles, a commission or bonus system may be appropriate according to performance. For others, a more creative approach may be required, such as a colleague or service user referral system.

  • Flexible working In the post-pandemic climate, this is significantly more important. Allowing staff to have arrangements such as hybrid working, some days in the office and some days working from home, not only demonstrates trust but also allows them a superior work-life balance. This can be very motivating.

  • Appropriate benefits Offering generous benefits is not only a good way to attract excellent talent but also a brilliant way to make them existing employees feel valued. They are not just your workforce, but individuals who are taken care of.

These are just some examples of ways you might encourage your team and frankly, the list could go on! Motivation and recognition go hand in hand and the Unsung Heroes award is just our way of helping to recognise and encourage the quiet superstars of the property world. If there is someone you think deserves a nomination, get in touch! The awards run once a year through News on the Block and we look forward to hearing the stories of your Unsung Heroes.

Jackson Sims Recruitment is a property recruitment company operating in the UK and APAC region. Should you be a candidate or client working in property management we have a multitude of recruitment services that can be tailored to you. Please visit for more information.

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