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Time for a song and dance in honour of our unsung heroes

The Human Dimension

When we explain to people that Jackson Sims are leaders in the field of property management recruitment, then it tends to be the ‘property’ element that sticks in the mind most. It has the ability to conjure up a slick, modern operation, dedicated to the mechanics of making stylish apartments and sleek office blocks run seamlessly.

Certainly, there is an element of slick in what we do. We know property inside out; how it works, and what it needs to succeed. But that knowledge really boils down to just one thing; and it isn’t glass, chrome or cement. It isn’t elevators, high-security entry systems and penthouse suites either.

It’s people.

Property is people. Property is what facilitates human flourishing. They are the spaces where we not only the things we need to do, but the things we dream of doing too. Thinking about the functionality of a building without thinking of the functioning the human psyche really doesn’t work. Our abilities, our aspirations, our hopes and desires are so frequently tied up with the spaces we occupy – and this is core to the Jackson Sims philosophy.

So when we recruit people to manage properties – regardless of the role or the nature of the property – we aren’t recruiting someone to merely keep an eye on the bricks and mortar of a building. We’re asking them to understand the people who use the space, and take on the role of caring for and facilitating their needs.

This means that more than property being our main focus, it is people that reside at the core of what we do. Our ability to recognise this, to communicate, to care and to share is what makes us effective in placing the right people in the right roles.

Saying Thank You

So it’s therefore perhaps no surprise that a really important ongoing initiative for us is the 2020 Unsung Heroes project. Along with our good friends NewsOnTheBlock – a central resource for apartment management that shares our philosophy about the importance of the human dimension – we are seeking out people who have made a difference this year.

NewsOnTheBlock explains it like this:

2020 has been an unexpectedly difficult year, covid 19 has challenged everyone's resilience, and, sometimes at great risk to themselves.

NOTB and Jackson Sims Recruitment want to celebrate the ‘heroes’ in capes as well as masks, who have worked hard to make these difficult times a little easier for their residents, customers and employees.

So please take the time to nominate the individual(s) who have proved to be your hero, and we in turn will help give them the recognition they deserve.

We echo this sentiment. It can seem clichéd to talk about Covid and the challenges it has presented, but there can be no doubt that it has focused life through a lens over the past nine months. Certainly in the field of property it has changed priorities for many; we’ve never had to ask so much of our living spaces, and never had to adapt our working spaces more drastically than we have in this year. Conventional systems and structures – both physical and financial – have been heavily tested. We’ve all been asked to fundamentally reconsider how we use and share our spaces.

And at the heart of making that happen are people who are ready to go above and beyond their traditional roles to make these changes, to smooth the path for those experiencing difficulty, and to think outside the box in terms of how solutions can be implemented for the benefit of all. At Jackson Sims we believe strongly in fostering, encouraging and rewarding this human dimension, and that’s why we’re so proud to be sponsoring the 2020 Unsung Heroes event.

Our Call to Action

So if you know someone who has taken action – big or small – to make a difference, be that to a single individual or a whole community of people, we’d love to hear from you. Simply send your story and hero nomination to, including their name, company, email and a photo if possible.

For us personally – we can’t wait to put a smile on someone’s face and show them that their actions matter (and neither can we wait for the big knees up celebration that will no doubt accompany it!).

Jackson Sims Recruitment is a property management recruitment company operating in London and the UK. Should you be a candidate or client working in property management we have a multitude of recruitment services they can be tailored to you. Please visit for more information.

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