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The world of property awaits you…

The world of property – broadly defined – offers almost endless potential in terms of job roles; there are about as many employment titles as there are types of building, and in the same way that there’s a living space out there to suit every character, so too is there a job role for every personality.

And this is important, because the employment world is changing – nowhere more-so than in the field of property. Where once salary and job security were key concerns of employees, now current research suggests that work/life balance, job flexibility and concepts of satisfaction and ‘making a difference’ are the key motivations for employees when seeking a new role.

So whether you’re looking to become ultra-successful or ultra-happy (or perhaps a little bit of both), there’s a property role out there for you. And at Jackson Sims, we have a role for everyone.

A role for the dynamic: Property Manager

Throwing the term ‘property manager’ down is almost cheating, because although it is perhaps the most common title to appear in our job listings, the reality of the term is that is covers a multitude of job types, from single site management to portfolio management, from entry-level to senior level, and with any number of various roles and responsibilities tied up within the job title itself.

In essence, a property manager is… well, responsible for the management of a property. Shock, right? This means that what it actually involves with vary significantly based on the nature of the property itself.

It may mean operating as a third-party between individual landlords and tenants across a whole area (portfolio management). It may mean working to manage communal services where there are individual leasehold/freehold owners within a single apartment block building (block management). Or – in the field of co-living developments (an increasingly lucrative field – see our most recent blog) - it can mean being part of a corporate team delivering full services to service users: be that as exciting as organising parties and events for residents or implementing new community environment initiatives, or as mundane as ensuring communal waste management services and residential unit maintenance.

What kind of person does it suit?

· Somebody who is able to keep a lot of balls in the air at once. With tenants constantly seeking assistance, day-to-day operations to oversee, the needs of your direct clients (i.e landlords) and the strategic well-being of your direct employing company, there will be a lot of information coming from a lot of sources; all of which needs to be not just dealt with practically, but also balanced effectively.

· This means that the role needs someone who is not just organisationally excellent and analytically keen, but also strong and confident in communication across all levels.

· Someone able to manage small details but think big picture.

· Somebody who can think in terms of customer satisfaction and qualitative outcomes, but who has a keen quantitative brain and an eye for numbers and balance sheets.

· Essentially, someone dynamic, flexible, and capable of being both proactive and reactive.

What kind of things does the job involve?

· Attending AGM meetings, as well as dealing directly with clients (often landlords) and leesees (which means you’ll often be on the move between sites)

· Ensuring that services are administered effectively and efficiently at properties in line with service agreements, whilst maintaining careful attention to budget considerations.

· Collecting service charges and reporting on financials

· Risk management development and reporting

· Negotiating needs and rights between parties

Of course, the more senior you become, the more strategic your role becomes, and the more individual management of issues becomes an issue of delegation and follow-up, rather than direct involvement.

A role for the ambitious: Sales negotiator

An estate agent by any other name? Sometimes yes, but not always. This role is so much more than playing ‘Location, location, location’ as either Kirsty or Phil whilst showing the genteel Mr. and Mrs. Jones around yet another mediocre 70s-build in the suburbs.

No, sales in property can be – and more frequently is – a much more dynamic, diverse operation - especially when you get into the realm of high-end residential and commercial placements. And as with just about any sales job, this suits the ambitious because your remuneration is directly tied to your performance; the more tenacious and effective you are, the more you reap the rewards.

What kind of person does it suit?

· Someone with exceptional people skills; someone who truly listens and understands the needs of a party and seeks to find ways to meet them. Someone who can communicate clearly, is full of enthusiasm, positivity and charm. Someone who people warm to quickly.

· Someone who understands the difference between authoritative and arrogant, assertive and aggressive, tenacious and tedious, ambitious and an ass.

· Someone driven, who is a ‘self-starter’ (yeah, we don’t love that term either), and who isn’t afraid to make the first move.

What kind of things does the job involve?

· Managing applicants and aiming to understand their needs, then organising and managing viewings that are relevant and appealing to them.

· Conducting viewings in a way that is compelling and clearly communicates benefits, but is not pushy or uncomfortable.

· Negotiating and closing deals between vendor and buyer.

· Dealing with general queries, generating and following up on leads.

· Supporting both vendors and buyers, and prioritising exceptional customer service.

A role for those seeking satisfaction: Sustainability Development Manager

The role of sustainability has been gaining relevance in the world of property development and management for more than two decades now; once a niche element or an incidental concern within a project, and now a fundamental tenet of good practice and strategic performance.

Individual site management will generally not be large enough in scope to maintain a specific sustainability development manager; instead, sustainability practices will form a significant component of overall management practices. This means that everybody seeking to progress in the field of property management should make sure they constantly remain abreast of developments in the field or environmental practice, building regs, and socially-sustainable development.

However, when it comes to the field of property portfolio management, then there is easily enough work to be undertaken regarding sustainability to keep a singular position occupied. This makes for a particularly interesting role, because it involves coordinating logistics over a range of sites, and liaising with a wide range of stakeholders. In this way, sustainability development in the field of portfolio management represents a particularly dynamic job – and, perhaps most importantly, one that brings immense job satisfaction, since you know you’re not just delivering strategic and bottom line benefits to your company and clients, but you’re making a genuine difference to both planet and people.

What kind of person does it suit?

· Somebody who is genuinely driven by making a difference in their role, and passionate about improving the lived environment of both residents and wider global citizens.

· Somebody who is able to synthesise and process new information quickly, remain abreast of technological developments, and apply that knowledge critically and analytically to real-world environments.

· Somebody who is confident managing and working with a diverse range of groups, and weighing up and prioritising competing concerns.

What kind of things does the job involve?

· Paperwork. Alas. (But really, what job doesn’t!?). Lots of ensuring legal compliance, setting targets, monitoring performance and maintaining records.

· Using knowledge and research to develop suitable environmental strategies and practices (this is the bit where you get to be both analytical and creative).

· Working with a diverse range of people – including energy managers, property services teams and tenants – to implement these strategies and keep everybody aligned with key goals.

· Site visits and community liaison (so you are by no means entirely desk-bound).

Ready to take the leap?

Whatever your nature, property has a potential role for you. And that means that whatever you’re looking for, Jackson Sims is able to help you – whether you’re established within field, looking to make a change, or just starting to get your foot on the ladder.

Our strategic approach to matching job role and employee works because we take time to genuinely listen to and understand the needs and desires of both parties. We understand better than anyone how there is no one-size-fits-all job role or employee – and we recognise the endless benefits for both parties that come from finding a job for an employee that enriches, satisfies and rewards them, and finding an applicant for a role that is driven, enthusiastic and committed.

So whether you’re seeking a property role or seeking to fill a property role, we’re here for you.

Jackson Sims Recruitment is a property management recruitment company operating in London and the UK. Should you be a candidate or client working in property management we have a multitude of recruitment services they can be tailored to you. Please visit for more information.

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