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Site Staff - The true unsung heroes!

It’s that time of year again when we get to do that lovely job of celebrating the legends of our sector, in the Unsung Heroes Award. Now in its third year running, the award is an opportunity for the property sector to celebrate those going above and beyond. We want to allow teams to applaud innovative thinking, selfless commitment or attention to detail. From coffee club founders to a non-assisted facility manager moving into the building to support residents over Covid, we’ve seen some real-life heroes brought into the spotlight.

This year, we’re adding a theme, in order to keep up the variety in nominations. The 2023 awards will be dedicated to Site Management professionals. We doubt you need an explanation as to why but we’re going to tell you anyway! The Face Of The Operation Site staff are really the representatives of the building. They are the people on the front lines, dealing with resident questions, qualms and quibbles. A good site management team can make or break, not only for the resident experience but also for keeping the property looking first-impressions appropriate. During COVID we saw some fantastic steps being taken which evidenced the importance of these staff in making sure that residents still felt appropriately cared for and supported. The Engine Room

Keeping a building running smoothly is no mean feat. Whilst these team members are the face, they are also the people who are beavering away behind the scenes to keep everything in order. The list and variety of tasks which need to be undertaken in the upkeep and daily functioning of a building are extensive. Whether it’s emergency management or ‘business-as-usual’ running and maintenance, site-based staff are the vital cogs in your building's machine.

Rain Or Shine

Working in a site-based role isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. Like any job, there are ups and downs, but property teams are subject to dramatic extremes. Whilst there are many day-to-day tasks to carry out, there are also any number of emergencies which could happen at any time, be it a burst pipe, a broken access point or a gas leak. High-quality staff members who can manage the quiet days and the frenetic ones are gold dust, both keeping themselves busy and keeping on their toes.

If someone springs to mind, who really makes a difference and whose contribution really takes your property to the next level for residents or the rest of their team, give them a nomination! Send your nomination to Vikki Morlang by email; including the individual's name, company, job title, email and a photo by Friday 3rd March 2023

There will also be a celebratory drinks reception for those who are nominated, to say thanks for all their hard work. The reception will take place in April and all nominees will be contacted nearer the time with a formal invitation.

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